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Most of the clients of Financial COMFORT Consulting already have a comprehensive business plan,
a robust product and/or high-demand service with a dynamic support system and the gift of gab…
Yet, often times they almost always feel like more sales is the answer to their “growth” problem.
We offer customized programs that focus on tactical financial development, cash flow maximization
and revenue stream expansion. Our solutions come with group mastHERmind sessions, one-on-one coaching, referrals
and technical assistance approaches that include accountability checks and incentives for reaching
milestones. The solutions are amended and customized for each client based on their need and
result in improved business processes and increased sales more than 87% of the time.



The primary client for Financial COMFORT Consulting’s personal
finance suite ranges from the sophisticated family budgeter to struggling single moms who have trouble
improving their credit scores. We meet our clients wherever they are in the financial maze and help them
find a viable solution that allows them to live in the surplus. We take a comprehensive look at your current budget,
develop some goals and a strategy to tell your money where to go on a monthly basis. Additionally, we analyze
your credit reports and scores identifying areas where they can be improved. Our clients receive customized
budgets in excel spreadsheet, personalized solution that includes tailored dispute letters,
a 120-day plan for point increases, debt elimination strategies and monthly accountability sessions
and have increased credit scores and accumulative savings accordingly.




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Credit Improvement

Our capable financial advisors uses an interactive program based on the “21 Day Fiscal Bootcamp Workbook” covering credit education, debt elimination strategies, budgeting concepts, savings vehicles and includes technical assistance with a customized solution that is guaranteed to improve credit score, financial knowledge and understanding!

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Management Consulting

Our educated paralegals have knowledge and experience in secretary of state filings, IRS regulations, non-profit registration, tax preparation, certification requirements, credit restoration practices and successful budgeting techniques with experience drafting and filing paperwork for a percentage of what an attorney would charge.

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Strategic Planning

​Our experienced consultants develop specialized solutions with a results-driven accountability system through a process of addressing the current concerns of your existing business as well as creating structure for startups enabling you to get the funding you need to launch.

Professional Development

Our skilled facilitators and qualified public speakers are proficient in current trends and informed through analyses conducted with clients; delivering clear and concise messages in lecture format, one-on-one technical assistance and even small groups.

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