Invest in your financial future with one or more of the products and services offered by Financial COMFORT Consulting and see evidence of a true Return on your Investment.


We are firm believers that “Leaders and Readers” and have done a tremendous amount of research leading to proficiencies in business and personal finance thorough a thoughtful copulation of resources and testimonials that will overcome your challenges in the following books

Business Paperwork

We have knowledge and experience in state and federal filings, IRS regulations, loan package development, non-profit registration and requirements, certifications as well as contract negotiations. Our experienced paralegals draft paperwork for a percentage of what an attorney would charge.

Credit Restoration, Identity Theft Protection


We specialize in teaching you to understand debt consumption and consolidation maximizing your credit potential, protecting your identity, securing your assets to prepare you for a stable financial future with our customized plan.

Facilitation and Public Speakers


We offer skilled facilitators and qualified public speakers proficient in current trends and informed through analyses conducted with clients; delivering clear and concise messages in lecture format, one-on-one technical assistance and even small groups.

Officer-For-Hire Service

We serve as the administrative management liaison for directing and controlling your resources handling financial planning and strategic management on a contractual basis for ten (10) hours per month in the capacity of

  • Chief Executive Assistant (CEA)
  • Chief Operating Officer (COO) Service
  • Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Service

Personal Paperwork

We have knowledge and experience in bankruptcy paperwork processes, budgeting, collection judgment disputes, resume critique and uncontested divorce decree paperwork. Our experienced paralegals can draft and submit your paperwork for a percentage of what an attorney would charge.

Strategic Business Solutions

We provide specialized solutions with a results-driven accountability system through a process of addressing the current concerns of your existing business as well as creating structure for startups enabling you to get the funding you need to launch.