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This Workbook is intended to help you identify some behaviors that will bring you to a financially fit state of being in less than 30 days. We use basic principles that are easily transferable into your financial situation, regardless if you are already deep in debt or simply staying afloat.

We cover six sections of financial fitness

  • budgeting
  • savings
  • credit
  • debt
  • wealth creation
  • legacy

Our objective for each section is to challenge you to take a realistic look at where you are, and inspire you to do better. This is a book that will require you to work. Hence the title work-book!

This is a practical application of what it takes to become financially fit. For maximum results, please be sure to complete all sections of each exercise. If you desire additional assistance and/or one-on-one coaching, please be encouraged to contact us directly and we would be happy to assist you in this journey.


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